The Cuddle.

As a girl, cuddling was something I always looked forward to. The movies make it look careless and comfortable. Besides unrealistic romantic gestures, Hollywood has set couples up all over for failure when it comes to cuddling. Both parties enjoy cuddling and activities like talking, watching a movie, relaxing, and sleeping are made to seem elevated with the addition of a partner to cuddle with whilst enjoying. For the most part, I enjoy the cuddle. Things like watching a movie and just relaxing ARE a lot more enjoyable while cuddling, but when it comes to sleeping I had quite an opposite feeling of enjoyment. Many movies show couples falling asleep in each others arms, spooning, facing each other, etc., and they always wake up still holding each other while looking impossibly content. Here is a cute chart I found online to provide you with a few examples of cuddling positions:


They made me laugh…

Sure, cuddling while sleeping is nice once in a while. When I lived on my own in college and Chase would drive up to visit me sleep cuddling was perfect, because it was new and exciting for us to have “grown-up” visits with each other. When we first moved in together and got our own bed, it was great to sleep cuddle…for like one night. Don’t right away think that I am a terrible bitch. I would never admit to lacking joy towards cuddling with my significant other if we didn’t come to the conclusion that it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, together.

The other night we were laying down and sharing our days with each other when we started talking about cuddling. He expressed how he would like to, but it is just so hard to stay comfortable. I would like to say it was offensive to think he didn’t want to cuddle, but I felt total relief. I had to laugh and tell him that it was horrible (side note: it is a terribly hot and humid climate where we live, which also adds a different element of discomfort). There was no way to comfortably lay together where we were both completely content to fall asleep. It was either he was comfortable or I was, we have had a hard time finding a compromise. We laughed together about how nice it was to hear that we both enjoyed OUR space in the same bed and since then sleeping has been a little easier.

I’m not sure if this is normal or not. It isn’t something that other friends I have have talked about nor has it been a question I have ever thought to ask. I have just spent my life assuming that when you sleep in the same bed you cuddle or you’re doomed. To fix the cuddle problem, I think we need to fund the most hilarious invention I have seen:

I’m not sure how clear the picture comes out (still new to this), but its a foam mattress with slats in it, GENIUS!

Anyways, I am happy to say that this is the biggest problem that living my wonderful significant other has presented. It’s not even a real problem, its just something that shattered my expectations of being a couple that lives together. I have found the “cliff-hanger” or the “zen” sleeping position works the best for us! Even though Chase sleeps wherever he wants and I mostly sleep in the cliffhanger position….. What’s best for you?

Am I the only one who feels this way? This post seemed brilliant before I finished it, oh well.


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