Currently I am watching my 6th straight hour of Netflix, and that is just for today. Sadly, my life has begun to revolve around my boyfriend’s days off from work and the days that he does work I have learned to occupy my time inside the apartment.

I hate humidity. It sucks to say the least. Living in a state sans humidity would be perfect for roaming the streets of a busy downtown neighborhood, but in my condition I have found there is nothing fun about getting ready to go sweat. Have you every tried clothes shopping while sticky with humidity? It is NOT the business. I live in a prime spot for walking, I am very close to food, shopping, museums, the water, etc., and I enjoy walking around one to two times a week. When Chase and I first moved to Charleston, SC, we both couldn’t wait to enjoy our time unemployed getting to know the city and be together. Thankfully, Chase got a job quickly, a little more quickly than either of us expected, so our time together was cut slightly short. When he first started working I promised myself that I would find something to do outside of the apartment each day so that I would be active and not fall into a slump. Unfortunately this proved to be a rather expensive habit. I ended up going to grocery stores and buying tons of food. Not only was this bad for my wallet, it was bad for my waistline.

My few attempts at window shopping were unsuccessful, because I grew irritated at the places of my body (like my elbows) that began to sweat while walking. I started to notice that tourists (larger groups of people/families) were the only ones out in the afternoon, I knew my prime time for being out would be during the evening, as well. But I am not so comfortable with being out late in the streets alone. I went to watch a Niners game last weekend alone (San Francisco Bay Area native here) and that was successful and I made it home safely, but I also had a post bar hopping buzz going and I can’t just get drunk every time I go out alone. No matter how fun that would make each evening. 

So. Why don’t you just get a job? is what you may find yourself asking and that is a great question, my friend. Two months ago when we moved in I was taking an online class and I dedicated myself to finishing it as quickly as possible and I had assumed that I would finish close to my trip home for a wedding and I promised that I would hit the job hunt hard as soon as I got back. Of course, I finished the class quickly and have had weeks between the completion and my trip. I couldn’t bring myself to apply for jobs that I would immediately need time off for, it seemed irresponsible (remember my last post about being lazy?). In exchange for no job hunt I promised myself I would work out and get healthy and blah, blah, blah. I have worked out quite regularly, too. 

BUT, being alone has gotten unbearable. Before I moved away I spent a lot of time alone, but I had the option to call friends and hang out and I had family near me if need be. If I had a job with newly made friends here I would probably still sit at home most of the time, but knowing that I currently don’t even have the option is making me miserable. 

I am worried that returning from my trip home is going to make it hard to come back. Homesickness sucks. 

In conclusion: When in doubt, apply for jobs. 


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